Mobile Conference Guides

This active project, the focus of much of my software development time between 2011 and 2016, involves developing mobile guide apps for iOS/Android/WP8 deployed natively using PhoneGap/Cordova.  A content management system running on Ruby/Rails allows conference organizers to populate and edit their conference data online.

The Apps

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-11-24-56-amThe mobile guide apps contain information useful for conference attendees, such as a full conference schedule, annotated session and exhibitor maps, notifications, bookmarking, and relevant external links.  Recent features include syncing large parts of the data set automatically behind the scenes, attendee messaging, attendee profiles, note taking, integrated surveys for individual sessions, a global survey, and an integrated custom game play option to help increase attendee engagement at conferences.










The user is presented with one or more home screens with links to the major app features.  The links/buttons are customizable for each conference.















With up to hundreds of sessions at a conference, the app provides various filtering methods, including sort by day/time, a custom tagged hierarchy and keyword search option to help users quickly find relevant information.  Users can favourite session data for quick access later.
















Each session page has a customizable set of features including attendance taking,  survey link, various pdf files, note taking and mapping/location information.
















The Content Management System

Content is managed via a web app built with Ruby on Rails.  Conference organizers upload datasets via spreadsheets.



Once uploaded, datasets such as session, speaker, and exhibitor listings can be easily adjusted when smaller changes and tweaks are necessary.



The conference session is the core business object.  From the session management page, other related datasets including room layouts, speakers, sponsors, and AV requests can be managed.



Many other aspects of the app are customizable.  For example, conference organizers can change out all of the app’s home screen button graphics and subtext.



Over the past few years, regularly requested custom features have been moved from external integrations with 3rd party vendors to internal custom-built solutions.  For example, we now manage our own survey tool component.