David T. Gallant
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Web developer with 9+ years of web programming experience. Speciality in rapid application development and prototyping. Current server language of choice is Ruby. Front end work in Javascript on the Linux/Apache/MySQL application stack. Extensive experience with the Backbone.js MVC framework, Yii MVC PHP framework, Ruby/Rails framework.

Specialization working with Cordova/Phonegap, a popular framework for deploying web-based Javascript/HTML5/CSS apps as native apps on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and other common mobile platforms. 5+ years experience.

Recent work: Conference smartphone apps (navigation guides) and server side infrastructure. Conference data is stored in the cloud and synced to Cordova (Phonegap) based hybrid native apps on iOS and Android. Initial product group created in 2011 through 2013. Capabilities refined and extended from 2014 through 2016.

10+ years experience with database modeling and design, SQL, relational databases.

Programming experience in Java, Visual Basic, PHP, C/C#/Objective C, Bash, Powershell.

Large-scale virtualized IT infrastructure experience with VMware.

work experience
42-Bit Solutions Inc.
|January 2010 to Present|Ottawa, Canada

5 years developing from scratch and refining a cloud-based conference mobile guide platform. Server platform (web app) is Ruby/Rails/MySQL. Smartphone apps are native/hybrid iOS and Android apps written in Javascript/HTML5/CSS3 + Cordova/PhoneGap.

Use of Meteor.js rapid web app build framework to create a more streamlined conference data entry system as part of an R&D turnkey variant of the conference apps platform.

Re-working of the conference apps infrastructure to support guide apps for tourists visiting a specific location.

Initial development and on-going support for iCemetery, a hybrid/native smartphone app that provides wayfinding for graves in cemeteries. Hooks into Google Maps API V3. Server component is Ruby/Sinatra + MySQL.

Design and programming consultation for the development of a specialized attendance taking system in Ruby/Rails, targeted for use on tablets.

Design, development and support of a jQueryMobile audio streaming web-app. Server side written in Ruby/Sinatra. Hooked into a Drupal system.

Created a tablet game, Goats and Tigers, using PhoneGap/Javascript/CSS3/HTML5 which has been launched on the Apple iPad and Blackberry Playbook.

PHP/MySQL/Yii photo blog web application for travelers.

PHP shift scheduling application in Code Charge Studio, designed to ease logistics for coordinating a large number of volunteer shift assignments.

Correctional Services Canada
Software Developer
|March 2009 to August 2010| Ottawa, Ontario

Using the Yii PHP framework and MySQL, designed from the ground up and implemented a web-based release management system built on top of Subversion, and a configuration management database.

Worked extensively with virtualization technology, including VMware's ESX and HP-UX virtualization.

Powershell scripting work to automate lab IT procedures and assist with the automatic deployment of the offender management system.

Hegyi Geomatics
Software Developer
|August 2008 to March 2009|Ottawa, Ontario

Using C#, J#, CSS and XML in combination with the Open GIS toolset, developed Windows prototype software for a 3-D natural resources management system called GreenEarth.

Used the .NET C# development environment to produce prototype software for a jet engine anomaly detection and prediction system.

Developed a SVN/TRAC corporate source control and bug tracking web app and implemented it within the existing company IT infrastructure.

Freelance Work
Software Developer
|October 2007 to August 2008| Kingston, Ontario

From scratch prototype software project, a hands-reduced web browser that implements speech recognition (using SPHINX) and a face detection algorithm. Code written in Java and Javascript.

Web code for a start-up online recruiting company, building two mid-size academic websites for Queen's University, developing a small PHP/MySQL database system for the Kingston Buddhist Center, developing a PHP-based screen scraping application, and writing a Facebook application.

Human Media Lab
Research Assistant
|May 2007 to Sept 2007|Queen's University

Coded a (foldable) user interface prototype with a computer vision-based sensor system in C/C++.

Investigated and designed next-generation human-computer interaction techniques.

Published a research paper based on this work at UIST 2008.

Queen's University|Sept. 2003 to July 2007|Kingston, Ontario

Graduated from four year Bachelor of Computing degree program at Queen's University. Specialization in Cognitive Science. Average in the 90th percentile in computer science program.

Courses in Data Mining, Databases, System Level Programming, Programming Cognitive Models, Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, Philosophy, Business.

volunteer experience
White Wind Zen Community|July 2010 to Present|Ottawa, Ontario

Ongoing assistance with a Drupal-based website for the community and a media streaming app I created.

Additional volunteer experience info available on request.

technical skills
Programming Languages:Javascript, Ruby, Java, PHP, C/C#/Objective-C, VB, SQL, Linux Shell, tcl, Powershell
Web Technology Focus:Cordova/PhoneGap, Sinatra, Ruby On Rails, Javascript rich-client apps
Operating Systems:Linux (Debian/Ubuntu), Mac OS X, Windows, HPUX, ESX

References available upon request.