iCemetery iCemetery, an active project, links up the general public with grave data for various cemeteries across Canada.  Expansion to international markets is expected shortly.  Users can search for loved ones in participating cemeteries and see the exact GPS location

Mobile Conference Guides

This active project, the focus of much of my software development time, involves developing mobile guide apps for iOS/Android/WP8 deployed natively using PhoneGap/Cordova.  A content management system running on Ruby/Rails allows conference organizers to populate and edit their conference data

Goats and Tigers

  A PhoneGap-based mobile application, this game is a recreation of the national game of Nepal,  Goats and Tigers. Two players manipulate the goat and tiger pieces with touch-based gestures.  To win the game, the goat player must prevent the

Orangeblueprint Orangeblueprint is a web application written in PHP using the Prado framework and MySQL for data storage. Designed to facilitate software development, orangeblueprint provides a web interface for setting up Subversion and Trac projects.  Users can request to join